About this blog

This is an occasionally serious but frequently mostly irreverent wine blog that aims to be updated at least once a week but, all too often, pushes it to once every two to three weeks. I am a former financial journalist who loves wine (as well as cycling) and works somewhere in the asset management industry.

This blog will cover just about anything related to wine as long as there is an interesting way to write about it. There was a time when the posts here were mostly serious wine reviews, but that became dull fairly quickly, so this is what you get from now on.

In addition to this blog I am also the contributing editor at fine wine blog www.12×75.com and editor of the digital wine magazine By The Bottle. You can also find me holding court at the monthly #7wordwinereview dinners, which were launched by the 12×75 team in London and have branched out to several cities in the UK and around the world.

If you want to get in touch, email me at geordie [at] bythebottlemag.com. You can also follow me on Twitter at @GeordieClarke.

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