Mini bottles of Sauternes. My new favourite thing!

We all know it’s popular to buy Sauternes in half-bottles, but what about an even smaller format with a handy screw cap?

That’s what I have here – four of them.

At a recent dinner with Thierry Budin of CA Grands Crus, the part of French bank Credit Agricole that manages a range of vineyards across France, I was handed this four-pack after saying my goodbyes. (Full disclosure: the dinner was organised and paid for by CA Grands Crus. The bottles of wine were in a gift bag given to me at the end of the dinner. My intention is to share these bottles with friends because of their status as freebies.)

The bottles, from Sauternes estate Chateau de Rayne Vigneau, hold  250 ml of the sticky stuff and, thanks to the screw cap, make it easy to take on a picnic where you might not want to drink it all at once.

Normally I’d say 250 ml would be the perfect amount for one person to drink, but because this is a sweet wine I think they are on the slightly large side. Perfect, then, to share with someone else.

Sadly, I doubt these bottles are on general sale to the public. Can you imagine a top-end Sauternes estate selling in such a format under screw cap of all things? Sacre blue!