Burgundy Wine Board joins investigation in order to see Laboure Roi files

Following the news directors of Burgundy negociant Laboure Roi were accused of  fraud, the Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB) has filed a civil claim that will allow it to see the National Fraud Office’s files in the investigation.

BIVB has filed what is known as a “se porter partie civile” (if my interpretation of the French term is wrong, please do correct me) in order to become a plaintiff (or a civil party) in the case. This will enable the organisation to gain access to case files at the National Fraud Office (DGCCRF) and presumably the French national police.

The organisation, which said its mission is to promote and enhance the image of Burgudy wines aorund the world, said it filed the claim because it intended to assess the severity of the charges against Laboure Roi and how this would affect the industry’s reputation.

While my grasp of the French language is limited, I understand the Burgundy Wine Board is in a position to take action if Labour Roi has damaged the region’s image in the world.

Michel Baldassini, deputy chairman of BIVB, said that because more than half of the region’s wines are shipped to 150 countries around the world, any suspicion of cheating that could taint the reputation of Burgundy wines would not be tolerated.

Once the facts are analysed, BIVB will take necessary steps to ensure this situation is avoided in the future, the document said.

Pierre-Henry Gagey, chairman of BIVB, said the case should not affect the vast majority of producers in Burdundy who are careful to respect the foundations of the AOC.

You can read the full text of the release here (in French).

Big thanks to Sara Benwell and Giselle Daverat for their assistance in translating the document for me.