Champagne redemption. Sort of.

Yesterday I wrote that a wine retailer had sent me the wrong vintage of Dom Perignon and seemed not to be overly concerned about it when I complained.

I was offered the opportunity for a refund for the bottles of 2003 – which were sent to me instead of the 2002 vintage – when I alerted them to the error, but little fuss was made beyond that.

A second phone call to the company garnered the apology and level of concern I had wanted all along. It also came with a promise to do whatever they can to make it right because, as they said, my order was “more valuable than most other customers.”

They offered to either take the Dom Perignon 2003 back and give me a full refund or discount the bottles by crediting my account with cash. In the end, I took the discount because sending the bottles back would have been inconvenient. I received a further £16.66 off each bottle, meaning the final price I paid for them was £49.80, a hefty discount on their £99.99 list price.

To put this in perspective, the best in-bond price for Dom Perignon 2003 through UK retailers on Wine-Searcher today is £73.50. It would be necessary to pay UK duty and VAT on top of that to get the final retail price.

Now, the one thing this retailer did not offer – and I just know Jack and Hugo from that old British comedy series Ffizz would be wrinkling their noses in disgust because of it – is to take back the 2003 and source bottles of 2002 to ensure I had received what they promised.

Unfortunately, it seems the nature of today’s market, which is all about pushing large volumes of goods out of a warehouse to the masses, has no space for such a personal service.

If you want that, you probably have to go offline.

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